What I am wondering most
is how falling to my knees
won’t bring back
what’s been done.

Lightning strikes
can’t unmake
things never started.
A direct hit
even with my palms together
and it’s still unchanged.
The years still
wake up bleary eyed
they missed
somehow, one after
the other.

My efforts
are like rakes…
like tines
against boulders…
like stones we keep looking at
to see
they are still the same
all the time.
Our lives don’t last long enough
for all our favorite dreams
to wake up
and live.

There is no greater
unfinished thing
than the lives
your children
never had,
but for the caprice
of someone
other than you.

That’s what I wonder most…
without that…
oh the lives
we dreamed of having.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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