Call Them Lost

Call them

Don’t call
Someone who creates
a reality
that isn’t real
and then talks
about it
a liar…
Call them
Color them
Help them
their breath
by not breathing
that covers
their tracks
more so.

For they can’t see
Why add your
to what they
can’t carry?

Some of us
become so full
of illusions
that our eyes
only see
the inside
of fear,
and out of our mouths
come things
for preservation…
what we say
like life and death
and it anchors us
into harbors.
The thrall of perceived safety
even as others
move inland
and away
from us.

A word of truth
from this place
can free a hundred souls.
But call them lost
and count on
less than one hand
the number of times
you will hear more
what you know
will never clean
what happened.

When someone can’t say
the truth
call them lost
in a world that fights for all of us
to be lost,
challenges us to be found,
and makes waves
against all boats.
Who can say why
only some find shore?
Who can glean how
others must remain at sea?
Who are you or I to guess
at the lives that are balanced
and made right again
and lost again
from this arrangement,
this concealment?

We may, some of us,
know what actually happened,
more than another…
But we, not one,
ever gets to know
the whole story…
who will call us lost?

Who is watching us
being lost,
over and over
Who cheers for the found…
for the grinding down of untruth
and bursting bright
honesty…final, grateful
truth telling
that everyone feels
like a pounding wave
on a bent back?
Who watches that moment
for us?

At times,
it’s me.
At times
it’s you.
Call us lost.
Call us found.
Call us human.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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