Paying for Divinity

There is an online course that I’ll never offer.  There is an App that I’ll never charge money for.  I firmly hold to the belief that when you charge money for “healing” through an online venue where you are not even speaking directly to the person who is paying you money to help them, that the story of Christ turning over the tables at the temple applies.

An old friend of mine now charges $150 an hour for healing sessions via phone.  When I see videos of respected “healers” today marketing themselves as such I feel embarrassed that I ever was one of them, marketing myself in the same fashion at all.  I see people so ungrounded I might not let them house sit a cat.  I know everyone serves a purpose and we are drawn to whichever healer we are drawn to, or a modality is there for everyone-but it is still shocking for me to see what is being offered.

What’s available is a blatant selling of prepackaged “healing” offerings.  That the people paying for these things can’t discern authenticity from those who merely are certain of their authenticity, is striking.  I began teaching before there were websites for teachers, 1993.  I have been through the process of being excited and young and energized, brimming with possibility and feeling like I would heal so very many.  I am 45 now.  It’s 2017.  I’ve been “doing” healing work now for almost half of my life.  And I suppose a bit of a curmudgeon at this point.

It’s just that as time goes on I don’t see more wisdom in teaching here in the West.  I see far less as time marches on.  I see people have a single awakened moment, spiritually speaking, and next thing you know they are charging $100/hour for shaktipat transmission or offering weekend seminars to certify others in something that they themselves were literally just certified to teach…in a weekend seminar.  It seems that there is no center to it.  No apprentices, only people calling themselves teachers—but not teachers in reality, not yet.  When you “teach” from a mountain top you think because you got there that you have something to say.  But that’s just the first trip.  One must go down, and up again, and down…and up again, dropping things, losing loved things…before the journey begins to show itself as the path.  But what we have is people on the top announcing their ability to teach from the very moment they get on the mountain for the first time.

Perhaps I complain because it’s lonely being where I am.  Perhaps I miss the dreams of sagacity that once embroiled my life in those heady early days.  Perhaps though I really just miss not knowing people who are likewise on the other side of “I am a teacher” role.  I loved thinking I was special and different.  I loved having people think that I was as well, truth be told.  And the more that people came to revere me, the more I wondered “what would happen if I left it all behind?”  I knew it wasn’t balanced for me to allow others to hold me in high esteem that was out of proportion to just being human.  So, for the most part, I walked away from teaching.  This meager site is all that really remains.  My words, my poetry, an email address.  I still work with some who ask.  And now those sessions are  more rewarding to me than any others I use to have when I truly advertised.  Now I am no longer a teacher.  I am just a person who listens and talks.  It’s plain.  It’s simple.  It’s also unappealing to the kind of person who wants to pay $150 an hour for a shaktipat transmission from “the divine”.

I now favor the sublime that awaits in plainness.  I am not the kind of person to help you learn the expensive and futile lesson of paying for divinity.  I can’t be any plainer about it.


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Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Paying for Divinity

  1. chalis22 says:

    I agree very much, Charlie. I have always seen this , not just lately, but then again I haven’t been looking at those things for quite some time. I reckon those who charge so much for so little still have to go through their own share of suffering before they learn the lesson. And maybe those that “fall” for them will learn discernment through their own suffering. I feel for them all …. and at times it has made me quite angry. x


  2. storyland99 says:

    This is very moving to me, Charlie. ❤


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