What If

We paved the land
over…we had to.
Where else would the cars go?
Without shoes
we couldn’t walk
on gravel
so we must

Every city must clean
the water…before
it feeds it back to the people
who made it dirty.

Everything has a
price…it must.
How else will the money be spent?
Without prices…all we have is paper
and round metal tablets
that mean nothing
to anyone.

Someone makes
the “more” that you have.
If you aren’t one of them
then you don’t really know
what you’re paying for…
but they can’t forget
the way we can…
having “more”
tends to do that
to the human heart.

Who does what they love
for money?
No one would.
So we turn it around
and say
“do what you love
and the money will follow”…
But what if what you’d love
is for there to be
no money?
We think it’s like the Earth
and moon
or oceans and tides…
How can you have what you love
if money doesn’t buy it?
It’s an argument
that only burns
at the end of slavery.

Time is an angel’s dream.
It’s what happens when God
thinks about clocks.
It’s a pocket of space
where we can move slow
to learn something.
Time is a place
small enough
to make us suffer
for otherwise
we don’t know how to…
there’s no physical location
upon which
a lesson can land.

What if we found out
that we come here
and again
as an answer to a prayer
we made
to be born?
What if God
is always answering us
from both sides
of the veil
between here
and there?

What if
I am only saying
“what if”
to placate the undecided?


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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