Through Glass

She waves at him
through glass
and turns.
Not a word
nor gesture more.
An ersatz mother
a world away
seeing her aquarium

As more come to know
and love him
come to know
how unkindly
he is.

If you believe
that life is beautiful
and fair
you are correct.
If you believe
that life is ugly
and haunting
you are correct…

For I know a good soul
who lost in herself
all that was good
and taught herself
how to pretend
not to notice
and in that necessary
not noticing
forgot her children
her family
her roots…
she’s a stringless kite
a bird that can’t land
legs that won’t stand
a beach with no sand.

I’ve saw her become
a ghost
and haunt the lives
of those she loved.
Through the glass
she sees us
and never questions
why it is
that she can never touch us.

How do you tell
a ghost
they are a ghost
when they are sure
you are not real?

Through the glass
we watch her
not notice us.
To her,
we never were.
It never was.
She’s dreaming
of how it’s all
someone else’s past,
even as we are all
if it’s humane
to move on
without her.

Do you look over
your shoulder
for your mom
if you know
that she’s
not ever
going to be looking?

I’ve watched the children
roam the castle of our life
following the leftover voice,
the memories of how
things were once sweetly said,
they are thinking,
“surely she too is looking for us”
but up on the parapet,
I see them see
she’s walked off into the woods
she’s on the edge of the moor
in her necessary dream…

people advise
to turn away
to live with our backs
to it…
but it is the glass through which
we three
the world
and nothing ever changes
No matter which direction
we look in…
this loss is not something to
but something to be


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Through Glass

  1. storyland99 says:

    Sad and beautiful. ❤


  2. I found this compelling and poignant. Thank you Charles.


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