There isn’t a word for it
but I’ll try…

-how was that?

There isn’t a name
that doesn’t separate us…
So, I’m going to quit using them.
It’s okay,
I’ve memorized who we are
and who we were going to be
before I was born.
I just forgot it all
the moment I got here.

The direction
you are going in
is also
going in to you,
changing you from the outside
the way square rooms
makes humans
nature’s strangers.

Speaking of cutting the chords…
your knife is dull.
What will you slice with
when you
don’t dare
excise the tethers to
all those well meaning experts
on how you
must be
They are only here
like pumice
and honing oil
asking you
to defend
to push
against the claimless
and unwarranted…
they will be the blocks
to either bludgeon
your mind
or sharpen
your blade.

And your blade
need hurt
no one.
Yet, what also doesn’t hurt
is for them to see
that you have one.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Blade

  1. Those well meaning experts…
    Aren’t there so many of those online today?!

    I love the idea of sharpening one’s blade and how wise to show one’s knife.

    Someone once actually said that to me – ‘you have a knife’ – at least if you show it it separates the wheat from the chaff…

    Looking back it was great advice.

    Thanks 🙏


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