You Must Stand

You won’t be able to change.
Not them
or you.
It’s all magnets
molecular bonding
As long as you want
them to know the truth
you are lost.
You are nothing
but an orbit
around a lie.
If you need someone
to know they are wrong
about your world
you exist
in their world

And I get it.
because what if they are right?
We know it’s wrong.
But when they believe it’s true…
And we care about them,
we doubt ourselves.
How do we fight against
something we can’t hit?
Oh, how we will point to something
they can’t see…
and for how many years?
I think it’s measured
in how well
you thought
you knew them,
and how much
you wish
they could love you
as you love them.
These kinds of losses
are measured in long minutes
all day
in years
that stretch into decades.

Trusting someone
you want to trust…
expecting someone
can look at you and see
who you really are
is second nature
to breathing.
Which is why
when they can’t
you can’t

Being invisible
to another…
it’s a one way mirror.
are only seeing
their reflection.
They are always speaking
to themselves.
Listen to their accusations
and you’ll hear
the voices they can’t stop hearing.
Look at how they look at you…
as they look at someone
they cast aside
like a forgotten toy
like girl who’s mom
never remembers to pick her up
after school.
Remember this….
they can’t carry it.
When you know
that what they say about you
is false
that’s when you know
that they
carry it…
they are, without meaning to,
hoping that you will.
And if you do
you are both lost forever.

You have to know
where you stand
even when their
wildest stories
about you
make the sane you
doubt your sanity
even then…
especially then,
you have to stand.

If for no other reason
than to have something positive
come out
of how someone you loved
lost how to love themselves
and told you
it was your fault….
you must stand
even if you
are the only one
who sees it.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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