Hi.  I’m a spirit, in the body of a white American male. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a them/they, him/her, he/it/she…Black/White/Yellow/Brown…be happy that I am looking past that anyway.  I’m a spirit in a body, aren’t you too?  I’m a spirit in the body of a straight guy.  Are you?  Yes?  No?  Either we, we’re good in my book.  When we make it matter so damn much how all of these variances and differences define us all, all that we are doing is increasing the amount of time it’s going to take before we see us all as one family.  I don’t know how to fix or repair what’s going on out there right now.  But this is my declaration of affirmation that I don’t believe PEOPLE will generally be kinder to other PEOPLE until we all see that we are ONE.  We’ve got ONE planet.  We’ve got ONE life to live.  We’ve got ONE chance to make it a better place  every time we wake up and all day long.

We need to see each person as a figurehead of ONE instead a representation of an entire species, or gender, or religion.  Haven’t PEOPLE  been at this long enough to reflect and see that division is our collective enemy?   When a PERSON does something that you or our society consider “wrong”… hold that person accountable, but can we all graduate to understanding that each person is an individual, not a spokesperson for an entire class of persons or people or religion?  And know that you too-on a different scale-are also doing and have done MANY things “wrong”.  We can look at any single person’s life and we will find reasons that would make us not wish to associate with that person.  We can find something that will make us want to disassociate ourselves.  Who here is totally innocent?  Besides children and animals?  NOBODY.

We have entered into a dangerous place where being human, having foibles, doing something wrong, is handled from such a state of extreme correctness that the person accused is viewed as less than worthwhile.  Yet, every person sitting at home judging has unclean hands.  Yeah, you know what I am talking about and if you don’t you just aren’t thinking hard enough.  There isn’t one among us who isn’t a spirit in a body doing other things that they are equally justifiably guilty of-it all depends on who is doing the looking.  Environmentally, socially, morally-every one of us is guilty of something on a daily basis in which we do less than we would consider moral, or less than another person would consider moral.  Should we be judged?  Who is equipped to judge us?  By what standard?

A society’s eagerness to judge another and pull them down without weighing the merit of the good that they have done is a most dangerous place to live in.  It’s a symptom of fear.  In a place where the court of public opinion will be enough to condemn a person, anyone can then accuse anyone…make it public enough and the publicity is the weapon itself.  The harm is done before the accused even can read the headlines.  Ethics occurs in tides of moral relativity.  Which way is it going?  All we can do is apply our ethics in a world that does everything it can to lead us astray from morality.  And we can’t just say that people made it that way.  Being in a body, at its most base level is still about survival.  We come here and we can be born into situations that make us thrive, and know no discomfort, but still we are all here surviving, going day to day.  We are all living in times that are more confusing than ever, environmentally, financially, socially…this causes fear and fear leads to the desire to survive. And survival instincts lead to base behaviors: violence, greed, pack mentality, tribalism.

If we want to get past surviving, we need to approach one world/one people thinking.  We can be from an identified gender or religion but eventually we are going to have to give up seeing ourselves as being a part of that because it is still divisive.  Same goes for Black or White, Brown or Yellow. Am I a white man just because I was born this way?  If God wanted me to be born black and you to be born white, then what were we before we got here…and did we just come here to see one another as so very very different?  Do you really think we were put here in different looking bodies just so we could conflate our differences into hatred?  Does that really ring true?  It’s what has happened, but are we not wise enough to do better yet?  Can’t we all be smart enough to subvert the obvious fallacy of difference?  Can’t we all agree that “BEING A HUMAN  IS HARD”?

To me, every person I meet is me, in a different circumstance.  And the only time I catch myself not loving another person is when I forget that…and believe that they are not like me.  If I forget that they are struggling like I have.  If I forget that they have been hated like I have been.  If I forget that they are have a mom or dad or brother or sister or friends.  If I forget that they seek love and safety and food.  If I forget that they are here doing their best to make it through this life.

If I forget all those things, then what I see is: labels and differences

If I forget all those things, then what I see is someone I can pretend I don’t know.

If I forget all those things then I have forgotten how to love.

Our similarities will unite us and the blunt truth is that we have nearly all the same similarities…and the differences are something of the magnitude of one flower being  a different color than another.



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    May I share this, Charlie? X


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