Usually we’re here long enough
to realize how short it’s all been,
how very little time
it took
to live all that while.

Time elongates, stretches out
in front of us
a cat about to nap
until its damn good and ready
to move.

Time also ends
like a thunderstorm
and the house shakes
then the clouds part
the sun reveals
one fewer of us here…
one more of us “there”

What do we do with all this
all this
The floor is made of nothing
we stand there thinking
we’re all there is.
It seems to be our path
to make others suffer
for our search for what made
the empty places inside.

The endless circle
the game
we pretend at winning
or pretend
at losing.

Let’s save up for that house on a lake.
I want to know how I can pay for dinner.
Where will we take that vacation?
My mother died and didn’t even know-who,
she was any longer.

Who cares?
Some of us do
we can’t help it.
Some of us don’t
we can’t help it.
We became who we are
because of who we were.
Because of who we were
We became who we are.

It’s all hopeless.
Can you feel that?
It’s all hopeless
until you take the time
to look at someone.
You’ll have to look at someone up close.
You’ll have to pay attention.
You’ll have to listen
Why do they move like that?
Talk like that?
Shy away like that?
Stand with conviction like that?
Hopelessness disappears
in the presence of how.
Love is in the how.
Time stands still in that now
in that identity separation failure
when you and the other
are the same.

If you are here long enough to see it
then okay.
If you never did
then okay
we’ll see you next time.



About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Time

  1. Janine says:

    Thank you for your thought-filled perspective and insight. When I read your words I am inspired to go to another level.


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