What I essentially “do” is love others.  It is not more complicated than that.  The way someone loves another can come from different places.  I see people as their past, present and future, quite literally.  When I work with people many different things tend to happen that some feel are very unusual.  But each person I work with feels cared for, heard, respected and ideally…supported.

I tend to work most with people who are losing something or have lost something already. Tremendous loss is just sort of my thing.  It’s where what I offer tends to work best.  Death, dying, stark changes, spiritual awakenings, illness…are all spaces I am exceedingly comfortable within.  I have been working with clients since 1995 and have experienced a great breadth in terms of clientele.

I also work a lot with those who are experiencing rare phenomena such as spontaneous kundalini awakenings.

I live in central NC where I am a single parent raising two kids in between working, running, climbing, roller blading, yoga’ing and other things that end in “ing”.

If you have a burning question I can be reached at skymeetingtheground at gmail.com