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Bouldering and Panthers

Today 2/6/19 Last night i spent some time doing healing work on a friend’s dog. He has a massive cancerous tumor on his leg, it’s wrapped around nerves. It can’t be removed without amputation.  He’s a very large breed with … Continue reading

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Ralph Northam

It’s 3:10 and I’ve been awake since 2 AM. What’s on my mind? The Governor Northam issue. His photo from his 1984 medical school yearbook. This has been brewing for me for a while now and it seems I won’t … Continue reading

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Online Healers-and the loss of SEVA

I suppose I really shouldn’t complain but I am going to.  I’ve been reading through some old emails from when I used to do healing work.  I’ve also been poring through some of the sites from people I used to … Continue reading

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Fear First

If you follow this blog then you know that I quit posting here.  I didn’t quit forever.  I didn’t “quit” my healing work.  But I did redouble my efforts on my children.  Why? Working with people in the way that … Continue reading

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Usually we’re here long enough to realize how short it’s all been, how very little time it took to live all that while. Time elongates, stretches out in front of us a cat about to nap until its damn good … Continue reading

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Turn Around

I’ve got too many words to fill this cup too many promises ‘fore my time is up. I’m on the run I can’t sleep I’m a blur you can’t see me unless you stand still you won’t know me. This … Continue reading

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Hi.  I’m a spirit, in the body of a white American male. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a them/they, him/her, he/it/she…Black/White/Yellow/Brown…be happy that I am looking past that anyway.  I’m a spirit in a body, aren’t you … Continue reading

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