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Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.

Turn Around

I’ve got too many words to fill this cup too many promises ‘fore my time is up. I’m on the run I can’t sleep I’m a blur you can’t see me unless you stand still you won’t know me. This … Continue reading

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Hi.  I’m a spirit, in the body of a white American male. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a them/they, him/her, he/it/she…Black/White/Yellow/Brown…be happy that I am looking past that anyway.  I’m a spirit in a body, aren’t you … Continue reading

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About Seekers

What’s the value in saying something about something when you know that you’ll never ever come close to explaining the fullness of what you are speaking about?  That’s a run on sentence AND it’s the reason I quit saying something. … Continue reading

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You Must Stand

You won’t be able to change. Not them or you. Neither. It’s all magnets molecular bonding adhesive. As long as you want them to know the truth you are lost. You are nothing but an orbit around a lie. If … Continue reading

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All You Gotta Do

Mostly it’s like this…. you can’t learn anything until you’ve unlearned just about everything. I mean, it’s like this… you can’t fly when your feet are on the ground. Everyone knows that. Why do they keep trying? What’s in your … Continue reading

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There isn’t a word for it but I’ll try… -how was that? There isn’t a name that doesn’t separate us… So, I’m going to quit using them. It’s okay, I’ve memorized who we are and who we were going to … Continue reading

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Through Glass

She waves at him through glass and turns. Not a word nor gesture more. An ersatz mother a world away seeing her aquarium son. As more come to know and love him they come to know how unkindly forgotten he … Continue reading

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