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You Must Stand

You won’t be able to change. Not them or you. Neither. It’s all magnets molecular bonding adhesive. As long as you want them to know the truth you are lost. You are nothing but an orbit around a lie. If … Continue reading

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I want to have words. I want keys for the locked door, to the blocked staircase to the tower top where the stars wait for their observers to ask questions. When the sky wants to have words it makes people … Continue reading

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Hurt Mechanics

The person hurting you can’t stop the person who hurt them.  That feeling needs a place to go.  Bottled up inside it destroys them.  Released upon another and it leads the person to feel somehow empowered, victorious even.  Through coming … Continue reading

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Paying for Divinity

There is an online course that I’ll never offer.  There is an App that I’ll never charge money for.  I firmly hold to the belief that when you charge money for “healing” through an online venue where you are not … Continue reading

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Essay: Violence, Laws and Money

A law exists, presumably, because humankind is not, on the whole, capable of harmonious self rule.  So, laws are made, hopefully, by those that are capable of making choices that lead to self rule that is peaceful. Conversely, a law … Continue reading

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7th Chakra Teaching and Living

  The source of spiritual inquiry is the 7th Chakra.  And since the spiritual search is undertaken from that place, 7th Chakra people are naturally attracted to those who are living and experiencing primarily from that place.  What does “that … Continue reading

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Poetry: Transcommunal

They are there now lost in their jungle. Made strangers to mother home by strangers who have none… so they take them from others without remorse so that one day their avarice shall slay their ignorance. Progress is not an … Continue reading

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