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You Must Stand

You won’t be able to change. Not them or you. Neither. It’s all magnets molecular bonding adhesive. As long as you want them to know the truth you are lost. You are nothing but an orbit around a lie. If … Continue reading

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I want to have words. I want keys for the locked door, to the blocked staircase to the tower top where the stars wait for their observers to ask questions. When the sky wants to have words it makes people … Continue reading

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Foreign Languages

I am condensing, taking the shape of monoliths. Standing in the center so that she has somewhere to walk in circles when she needs to walk in circles. This is as ancient a religion as any… when they need water … Continue reading

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What If

We paved the land over…we had to. Where else would the cars go? Without shoes we couldn’t walk on gravel so we must make more shoes. Every city must clean the water…before it feeds it back to the people who … Continue reading

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Pray For More Time

I have fallen and never found land to break upon no rocks suitable no height with which to acquire the proper speed where I may finally shatter and rest. I remain unbroken. I see shadows when others see light and … Continue reading

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Call Them Lost

Call them lost. Don’t call Someone who creates a reality that isn’t real and then talks about it a liar… Call them lost. Color them blind. Help them catch their breath by not breathing damnation that covers their tracks more … Continue reading

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Know Silence Between the Rocks

In a quiet place that exists between the rocks, a man sits in a circle of arm and leg… waits for the world to pass overhead. People he’s never met on a path he’ll never take won’t ever know what’s … Continue reading

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