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Paying for Divinity

There is an online course that I’ll never offer.  There is an App that I’ll never charge money for.  I firmly hold to the belief that when you charge money for “healing” through an online venue where you are not … Continue reading

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7th Chakra Teaching and Living

  The source of spiritual inquiry is the 7th Chakra.  And since the spiritual search is undertaken from that place, 7th Chakra people are naturally attracted to those who are living and experiencing primarily from that place.  What does “that … Continue reading

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Poetry: A Garden Grows

One person is in ecstasy true platonic ecstasy with the very thing that makes another twist and writhe in agony. Tantra or torment… who decides which is which, for whom? Mind takes your hurts by the hand… walks you into … Continue reading

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Poetry: Spiritual Privilege

Black and white… it’s how you can see these letters. Experiences draw themselves together into swords disguised as words. Vainglorious rivers stare at their source and flow in circles. Will you do something because it matters very much to someone else … Continue reading

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Poem: Love You

When the poet invites you in, it will be just you and he, in the open spaces looking into one another’s faces… Those are not just words, they are methods of travel, conveyance of sight language that mends a corner … Continue reading

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