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Poem: Irrevocably

I reached my hand down. Dark water threatened encircled unlit as it was by the absent sun and missing moon I could still see the reflection of depth looking back at me. I knew that if I toppled.. that if … Continue reading

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Poetry: Transcommunal

They are there now lost in their jungle. Made strangers to mother home by strangers who have none… so they take them from others without remorse so that one day their avarice shall slay their ignorance. Progress is not an … Continue reading

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Poetry: Swim

I’ve seen boys without mothers who could not become men until they became themselves…fathers. There are motherless girls who¬†cannot become women until they see their mothers as women without mothers… stumbling through the role of having children. There are children … Continue reading

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Poetry: Flight, Extension, Wind

How long does flight take? The south tradewinds have greeted me with ripped lashings buckled plates and a downed mast. Deeply set am I in the narrow mouth of Cape Horn all heeled over in winter and lost in the … Continue reading

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Poetry: If

If you are here but not staying couldn’t you also go, without actually going? If family matters to you so god damn much then…where are they? If all you thought about was me back then and I am here now … Continue reading

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