Poetry: Transcommunal

They are there now
lost in their jungle.
Made strangers to mother home
by strangers
who have none…
so they take them from others
without remorse
so that one day
their avarice shall slay
their ignorance.

Progress is not an illness.
Ego is not to blame.
When you see a forest
happier as a flame…
the cause is deeper
than the leftover roots
of a smoldering
thousand year old tree.
If you can abide by this
you are not free.

If you fight against it
you are as well
not free.

There is no hiding place
from your burden.
You can’t displace your humanity
or your collaboration.
If you are alive
you are associated
and renunciation
does not an exit
from responsibility make…

We have made this world so small.
We have created limitation
from the unlimited.
We take the natural beauties
and render them commodities.

How we treat one another
and the Earth
is the latent image of
anger, confusion, and isolation…
humanities misunderstanding
projected and fully fleshed
upon the canvas of all that lives.
Now we can see how much
it hurts to be here…it’s not just inside of us
is it?
Now it is naked
and out in front of us
surrounding us.

After all,
are we not unlimited
borne limited?
Are we not
somehow made ugly
by the human mind?
Though economy
do we not treat one another
and every single thing we make
as a commodity?
This journey is more dangerous
than most understand.
More is at stake
than your retirement
But only your grandchildren
will really know
just how much.

You can’t know the headwaters
from swimming in the delta.
Not knowing the source
one drowns.
Not examining
one harms others
through the simple act
of doing what they innocently desire.

What will you do,
with your desire
to serve yourself…
while others lack the
to desire
to serve themselves?

When do you choose
to be transcommunal
and will it matter
if not one other person does?

The point is this friend…
you won’t have a choice.
all this desire
leads to a simplicity
where choices
give way
to necessities.

And there will be a freedom
in that.
The real world will reappear,
when your
becomes love…
when your love
becomes a necessity
in order
to save your life
and the worthy task
of saving
those around you.


(please note: I have enough time to write, but not to edit.  Enjoy the typos)


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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3 Responses to Poetry: Transcommunal

  1. janeadamsart says:

    I enjoyed the poem … alas, no typos! X


  2. bobwalker1968 says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Sandra Khoury says:

    Charlie…you are amazing. Your poetry is stunning. wow…so beautiful is this one. THX!!!!!


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